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UK Manufacturers of food grade plastic buckets

We're a plastic bucket manufacturer based in Birkenhead, Merseyside. We've been manufacturing buckets on Merseyside for over 25 years.

We stock a range of strong plastic buckets in a variety of shapes and sizes. H&O Plastics are the only UK manufacturer that's able to manufacture buckets in a whole range of bright colours.

We also use 20% more raw materials than our competitors for a stronger bucket. Our buckets are suitable for a wide range of uses including most liquids, inks and chemicals. They're made from food grade materials so they're also ideal for use in catering and other food preparation businesses. We supply all our buckets with tight fitting lids to keep their contents secure.

Cut out the middle man and buy direct from the UK manufacturer. By buying direct, you're able to get the best price on any quantity of plastic buckets. Whether you're buying one bucket or five pallets, we offer the most competitive prices around. If you're buying buckets in bulk, we're able to offer huge savings.

We offer fast delivery via DPD or Royal Mail so your buckets will usually be with you in as little as 3 days.

If you'd like to know more about our range of plastic buckets, please get in touch. We're also happy to give bespoke quotes for larger orders. Please contact one of the team and we'll be happy to help. We pride ourselves on our high quality products and excellent customer service.
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Plastic Buckets

The strongest 25l bucket on the market today

Engineered for durability, our heavy duty buckets are the strongest on the market. Whether you're looking to store or transport your product, our buckets are designed to meet your needs.

A range of colours

Why just settle for white when you can have buckets that match your colour coding scheme or commercial brand?

Easily transportable

Stackable, strong and rigid - the ideal container for transporting foods, powders and liquids of all kinds.

Secure Lid Design

Our buckets come with a tightly fitting lid that ensures contents are kept safe, fresh, and uncontaminated. Our secure lid design means you can transport and store with confidence.
25l Blue Bucket

33% more raw materials

By using a third more raw materials, our buckets have the strongest walls of any container on the market.

Environmentally friendly

A stronger bucket will stand the test of time - our 25l heavy duty buckets, if cared for properly, will last for years and won't need frequent replacement.

Easy to clean

Designed with smooth interior walls and a simple structure, our buckets are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Whether you're using them for food storage, paint, or construction materials, a quick rinse is all it takes to prepare them for their next use.
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