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31st July 2023
Robust buckets for construction and industrial projects

H&O Plastics' heavy duty plastic buckets offer a range of benefits that make them a superior choice over other types of buckets in industrial or construction projects.

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16th April 2023
Buckets of fun - a storage solution for your playroom

Every parent knows the struggle of keeping a house organised with the ever-growing collection of kids' toys. The search for an effective storage solution can often be challenging and frustrating. We've come up with an ingenious way to store toys using plastic buckets arranged in a pyramid-shaped stack.

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15th February 2023
Get Creative in the Kitchen with These Surprising Plastic Bucket Hacks

H&O Plastics have some great tips on how you can use our plastic buckets around your kitchen to make your life easier.

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12th December 2022
Last orders for Christmas 2022

Please note that any orders placed from 15th December 2022 will not be processed until we reopen on 3rd January 2023. The team at H&O Plastics would like to thank you for your custom this year and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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12th September 2022
Bank Holiday Monday 19th September 2022

Due to the upcoming Bank Holiday on Monday 19th September 2022, H&O Plastics are advising customers that there may be a slight delay in deliveries around this date.

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20th July 2022
The strongest 25l buckets on the market

Our 25l large buckets are our strongest premium buckets and are manufactured in the UK at our site in Birkenhead, Merseyside. We're confident that they're the most robust on the market as we use 20% more raw material than the competition.

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14th February 2022
New car detailing buckets now available

H&O Plastics have expanded their range of car wash buckets. There are now a wider range of colours and three different capacities.

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26th February 2021
Using Plastic Buckets on a Fishing Trip

Plastic buckets are ideal for use when fishing. H & O Plastics explain why and show which products are best.

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18th February 2021
Plastic Buckets for Your Home Decoration Projects

At a time when many of us are seeking projects to keep us busy, home decoration may be just what you are looking for.

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16th February 2021
How car wash buckets with grit guards protect your car

Even if you are not one of life’s great car detailers, you need to wash your car regularly during the winter to protect it. If you don't get the car wash bucket, shampoo, sponge and hosepipe out when you should, you can end up with damaged car paintwork that is expensive to fix. On average, […]

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12th February 2021
Plastic buckets with lids as home storage solutions

Right now, we're spending more time at home. This makes it more important than ever to keep your home tidy and organised so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. A major part of clearing out and tidying is finding storage to keep various items in. Plastic buckets with lids are the ideal choice for this […]

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5th February 2021
Why should I use plastic buckets in my business?

Businesses use buckets for many different purposes, from transporting food products to storing chemicals. Whatever the requirements of your business are, using buckets made from plastic makes sense. There are several different reasons for this. Ever since plastic was first used to make buckets back in 1967, businesses in a variety of industries have made […]

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