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14th January 2020
Plastic products and Brexit - is your supply safe?

Brexit - a turbulent topic, but one that affects everyone living in the UK right now. Regardless of whether you’re a business preparing for the inevitable implications of leaving Europe, or simply a consumer trying to understand what will happen to the companies that you buy from, Brexit is still so unclear that planning for […]

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20th January 2016
Will 2016 be the year of exports for SMEs?

2016 will bring a number of opportunities for SMEs to begin exporting, or alter their existing export patterns to be more profitable. Research consistently shows that businesses that export outperform businesses that rely solely on domestic trade. So there is plenty of incentive for SMEs to look for growth by finding new markets overseas. The […]

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18th May 2015
A bucket with lid for every occasion

Looking for a bucket with a lid? At H&O, all of our plastic containers come with lids (or at least the option of a lid). We don’t stop there though - because we manufacture lidded containers and sell them directly to the public it means that we can be flexible around the demands of our […]

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11th May 2015
Plastic chemical containers - ideal for manufacturers

Here at H&O we do a lot of business with manufacturers specialising in the production of chemicals, inks, dyes and other pigments. Our plastic containers are ideal for the storage and handling of sensitive materials which have the potential to harm the environment or even the people they come into contact with. Perfect for storing […]

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18th February 2015
Buying Plastic Pails Directly From the Manufacturer

Almost every business in the UK will use a plastic pail or container to package or transport goods around the country. Before you approach any plastic pail manufacturer make sure you thoroughly consider your needs and options. After all, behind every good businessman is a network of trusted suppliers. There are a number of criteria […]

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