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6th September 2016
Bubble entertainer buys bright buckets for his holiday show

Damian Jay is a holiday park entertainer who tours the country performing for families and putting smiles on people’s faces. Damian started performing a comedy and magic show, which he still performs on Britannia Ferries through the summer. But last year he launched a new show themed around bubbles. After years of practice researching how […]

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30th March 2016
African pygmy hedgehogs love plastic bucket exercise wheels

African pygmy hedgehogs are the new must-have pets in Britain. The eggcup-sized hogs have won the hearts of tens of thousands of British pet owners, who simply can’t resist their button black eyes and soft pink noses. And a husband and wife team from Wiltshire have turned their love of the spiny pets into a […]

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2nd September 2015
Top 4 low-cost tools for decorators on a budget

We’ve put together a list of the top tools and supplies which cash- strapped painters and decorators can use every day. These supplies are sure to make any busy decorators job that little bit easier, especially if they are looking to achieve a bespoke look for a budget price. iHandy While not a tool in […]

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20th July 2015
Is your food packaging compliant with food-contact regulations?

If your business is involved in making or producing food and you package it up yourself, you must make sure you use a material and packaging which is suitable for food use. Today, most plastic containers will meet the requisite ‘food contact’ standards, but the results of using a non-food-safe packaging can be catastrophic. Plastic […]

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4th May 2015
Merseyside businesses: save money on delivery

Do you own a business in the Liverpool area? Maybe you are centred in the North West? Why not collect your plastic containers from our Birkenhead factory and avoid delivery charges.   H&O provide first class delivery options At H&O Plastics we are incredibly proud of our handling and delivery capabilities. We have our own […]

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24th April 2015
Creative business uses for plastic buckets

Here at H&O we love to help out small businesses. We know how difficult it can be to keep everything ticking over smoothly, especially when you don’t have the same resources as some of your larger competitors. We work with hundreds of different small businesses providing them with containers to help carry out a wide […]

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21st April 2015
3 reasons for SMEs to buy containers directly from H&O Plastics

H&O Plastics has been a trusted name in plastics manufacturing for over 20 years. We have a rich history of selling to large industrial clients but we offer the same level of service to our smaller customers. We understand that plastic buckets aren’t the most exciting of products, but we take pride in manufacturing buckets of the […]

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