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21st March 2017
Safety guide: Camping with a campfire

There is something magical about camping with a campfire. After a long day of walking, exploring or just relaxing in the Great British outdoors, there is nothing better than getting back to camp and being greeted with the warmth and smell of a roasting hot fire. Campfires are perfect for cooking your simple evening meal […]

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15th March 2017
How to make a campsite fire point

Fire safety should be a top concern for campsite and caravan park owners. Whether you just let out a small parcel of land, or run a multi hectare campsite, you can’t shirk your fire safety responsibilities. According to Direct Gov, a fire can destroy a tent in less than a minute and nearly one caravan […]

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22nd February 2017
How to boost fire safety with fire buckets

Fire buckets might seem like a bit of a low-tech solution to fire safety, particularly when fire extinguishers are sprinkler systems are so common. But fire buckets still have an important role to play in your company’s fire risk assessment. They are useful for tackling small blazes before they have a chance to spread. Fire […]

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15th February 2017
Leather, Metal, Plastic: A Brief History of Fire Buckets

The history of fire buckets is intertwined with the history of firefighting, and mankind’s historical relationship with – leather, metal and plastic. Early beginnings: The humble leather fire bucket Putting out a fire didn’t used to be as simple as dialing 999. Before about the 17th century there was very little in the way of […]

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7th February 2017
Featured Product: Wholesale Plastic Fire Buckets

With the growth of new fire-fighting products it is easy to forget about humble fire buckets, used by generations of our ancestors to tackle some of the biggest historic blazes, including the Great Fire of London. Fire extinguishers have certainly become more accessible in recent years, even if they are still quite expensive and require […]

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