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15th February 2023
Get Creative in the Kitchen with These Surprising Plastic Bucket Hacks

H&O Plastics have some great tips on how you can use our plastic buckets around your kitchen to make your life easier.

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22nd January 2021
Uses for plastic buckets in commercial kitchens

In a commercial kitchen you want to ensure that you’re keeping ingredients fresh, reducing food waste, maintaining hygiene and keeping your customers safe. Storing food, ingredients and cleaning products safely is essential, and one of the best ways to do this is with plastic buckets. Why should I use plastic buckets in my commercial kitchen? […]

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29th January 2020
Coloured plastic buckets for every use case

Don’t think that one type of bucket fits all needs. Your best solution will depend on your exact needs. Remember that you don’t have to be restricted in any way by size, style or even colour.

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6th December 2017
LGA Calls for hygiene ‘scores on the doors’ for all caterers

The Local Government Association (LGA) has called for legislation requiring all restaurants and takeaway outlets in England to display their food hygiene scores prominently to customers. The organisation that represents councils in England said that the rule should be introduced as part of post-Brexit trade legislation. Currently, local authorities carry out hygiene inspections on all […]

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7th August 2017
H&O Plastics present how to cut down plastic waste at your food service company

Plastic waste is a growing concern in Britain and around the world. Global demand for plastics is expected to double in the next 20 years, but most plastic packaging is only used once before it is discarded and only about 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling. 40% of the globe’s plastic winds up […]

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5th June 2017
How can I tell if a bucket is food grade?

Plastic buckets are cheap and handy in commercial kitchens where foodstuffs need to be delivered, moved around and stored regularly. Where you have high volumes of food, such as a large batch of sauce or a restaurant-supply of grains, plastic buckets with lids are perfect. They are airtight, protecting your products from pollutants, cheap to […]

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26th May 2017
Caterers: Quick and easy tips for plastic container food storage

In restaurants, takeaways and other catering environments, good food storage is critical for holding onto your hot food licence. But failing to comply with the regulations could also result in customers becoming ill or, in extreme cases, death. To make life a bit easier in busy kitchens, many caterers like to prepare meals or ingredients […]

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23rd August 2016
H&O Plastics help in mission to make the best cup of coffee possible

When David Faulkner started Extract Coffee Roasters, he and his co-founder had a clear vision of what they wanted the business to be. They wanted to roast good, sustainable coffee without all the pretentiousness that’s attached to some of the more modern coffee brands. He said: “I’m not actually a big coffee drinker, but I […]

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9th May 2016
Time to clean up your commercial kitchen: Scores on the doors threaten English eateries

Some takeaways, restaurants and cafes could soon struggle to attract customers if the Food Standards Agency (FSA) gets its way and food outlets are forced to display their food hygiene rating in the business premises. With the example having already been set by Wales, and the issue starting to gain more and more traction in […]

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3rd May 2016
6 tips for protecting food products during transit

Food producers, sellers, distributors and even takeaways need to take account of how they transport their products. There are a number of legal and quality based considerations to take into account. Here are six that we’ve identified. Seal everything to prevent cross contamination If you are shipping several different food items at once, or your […]

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4th December 2015
New colour coded cleaning poster to ensure proper hygiene for caterers

We have produced a new colour coded cleaning poster to help caterers and other clients in the hospitality industry ensure proper hygiene measures are followed. Please feel free to download and print the poster and display it in your place of business. Click here to download the poster At Buy Buckets we manufacture and distribute all […]

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21st October 2015
Winter lunch tub recipes to take to work

Here at H&O Plastics we get serious about lunch time. Especially during the cold months when some hearty home cooking is just the thing to restore your energy and warm up on a mid winters day. The problem with bringing your lunch from home though is that you usually need to purchase some expensive tupperware […]

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