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Uses for plastic buckets in commercial kitchens

Published: 22nd January 2021

In a commercial kitchen you want to ensure that you’re keeping ingredients fresh, reducing food waste, maintaining hygiene and keeping your customers safe. Storing food, ingredients and cleaning products safely is essential, and one of the best ways to do this is with plastic buckets.

Why should I use plastic buckets in my commercial kitchen?

Plastic buckets are a great option for use in a commercial or home kitchen. Not only do they offer great value for money, they’re made from one of the strongest and best-performing materials for the job: plastic. Here are some of the reasons why using plastic containers makes sense in your commercial kitchen space:

Strong and durable

Whatever you store in your commercial kitchen, plastic buckets are one of the strongest and most hard-wearing options. Our plastic buckets use 30% more raw materials than some of our competitors, making them stronger than ever.

Light and easy to carry

If you need to transport items quickly and easily between locations, plastic is considerably lighter and easier to manage than metal or glassware. If you operate across different sites, or you offer catering at external venues, you need to be able to move your produce and tools around quickly and easily.

100% waterproof

No leaks or contamination from other liquids when you use our plastic containers. This is really important for catering use, especially in a commercial kitchen. It’s also great for storing cleaning products or chemicals that could cause problems if it leaked.

Don’t degrade easily

You don’t need to worry about contamination or wastage due to degradation of the container with our plastic buckets. Plus, plastic containers won’t shatter like glass or rust like metal, both of which can contaminate food and be harmful to health.

Available in a range of colours

Our plastic buckets are available in a range of colours so you can organise your commercial kitchen effectively. This is essential when colour-coding storage items and containers by area to avoid contamination from cleaning products or other areas. It’s also ideal for storing vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free ingredients away from contaminants.

Can be reused almost indefinitely

Cleaning, sterilising and reusing plastic is much easier than other options available so you can re-use plastic buckets for storage as much as you need to. As plastic doesn’t degrade like other materials, you’ll get more value from plastic storage.

Watertight and airtight

Keep chemicals and food completely separate, stop any contamination and maintain freshness with our watertight and airtight storage containers. This reduces food wastage and means that your profits stay higher. Any foods stored will stay fresher for far longer in an airtight container.

Value for money

If you do need to replace any storage, or increase the amount of storage containers you have, plastic buckets won’t break the bank. Coupled with their durability and ease of use, they’re ideal to ensure your profit margins don’t suffer.

Take a look at our range of plastic buckets for commercial kitchen storage and see for yourself why kitchens up and down the country use them every day.

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