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Coloured plastic buckets for every use case

Published: 29th January 2020

Don’t think that one type of bucket fits all needs. Your best solution will depend on your exact needs. Remember that you don’t have to be restricted in any way by size, style or even colour.

We're the only UK manufacturer of coloured plastic buckets. H&O Plastics offer a wide range of buckets and pails in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all requirements. Our plastic buckets are also available in a variety of colours. We stock white, black, red, yellow and blue. We also supply more unusual colours including green, orange and purple. What's more, all our coloured buckets can be purchased with matching coloured lids.

Uses for coloured plastic buckets

Coloured plastic buckets are popular with our customers because they are ideal for identifying different products. For example, if you need a range of sizes, you may prefer to have smaller pails in one colour and larger pails in another. This makes each type of product more obvious. We can also use colour to complement your own branding if you use our buckets as containment for your own products. We even offer printing on buckets if you would like to add a logo, company name or contact details to your items.

Also, choosing containers in different colours allows you to differentiate each buckets use. Many of our catering clients use different coloured plastic buckets in working kitchens. Kitchens use buckets to colour code. This helps staff to differentiate their use and prevent any cross contamination.

Like all our products, our coloured plastic buckets come in a variety of sizes. Well sell everything from small pails that hold 0.5 litres through to larger, heavy-duty containers that hold 25 litres.

Manufactured in the UK

We design and manufacture all our buckets in our factory in Merseyside. This means that you can rest take advantage of a variety of products as well as competitive prices. We produce our plastic buckets to the highest of standards and use the best materials.

We make our range of coloured plastic buckets from food grade polypropylene. We're confident that this makes them some of the strongest buckets on the market today. We use 20% more raw materials than our competitors during the manufacturing process. By doing this, our customers will always get a higher quality, longer lasting product.

Shop online

If it’s variety of options and flexibility on quantity that you need, take a look at the wide range of products we have available. You can buy direct from us via our retail site at bb.ombush.review. If you’re unsure about which coloured plastic bucket would be right for your project, give us a call. We're more than happy to advise on the best product to choose.

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