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31st July 2023
Robust buckets for construction and industrial projects

H&O Plastics' heavy duty plastic buckets offer a range of benefits that make them a superior choice over other types of buckets in industrial or construction projects.

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20th July 2022
The strongest 25l buckets on the market

Our 25l large buckets are our strongest premium buckets and are manufactured in the UK at our site in Birkenhead, Merseyside. We're confident that they're the most robust on the market as we use 20% more raw material than the competition.

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5th February 2021
Why should I use plastic buckets in my business?

Businesses use buckets for many different purposes, from transporting food products to storing chemicals. Whatever the requirements of your business are, using buckets made from plastic makes sense. There are several different reasons for this. Ever since plastic was first used to make buckets back in 1967, businesses in a variety of industries have made […]

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14th June 2018
New product: Pelican pumps for buckets and jerry cans

H&O are pleased to announce a new addition to our product range. Our new pelican pump products are ideal for use in a range of scenarios around your home and business. What is a pelican pump? A pelican pump is a pump that's designed to fit into a plastic container and dispense a certain amount […]

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9th May 2018
Jerry cans - a short history

Jerry cans (or jerrycans) are a great way to transport fuels and other liquids safely. But where did the term jerry can come from? And how did the inventors arrive at their unique design? The first cans were produced in Germany in the 1930s. They were originally known as Wehrmacht-Einheitskanisters (roughly translated as Wehrmacht unit […]

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23rd August 2016
H&O Plastics help in mission to make the best cup of coffee possible

When David Faulkner started Extract Coffee Roasters, he and his co-founder had a clear vision of what they wanted the business to be. They wanted to roast good, sustainable coffee without all the pretentiousness that’s attached to some of the more modern coffee brands. He said: “I’m not actually a big coffee drinker, but I […]

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6th July 2016
16L Heavy-Duty buckets receive UN approval

H&O Plastics is pleased to announce that their 16L Heavy Duty plastic buckets, with metal fastening bands, have received UN certification in accordance with the United Nations’ guidelines on the transportation of dangerous goods. The extra-tough plastic containers went through a series of rigorous tests and was certified by industry packaging experts Smithers Pira. The […]

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12th February 2016
Choose a bucket colour to match your organisation’s brand personality

Here at H&O, we pride ourselves on offering the broadest choice when it comes to plastic containers. If you buy direct from the manufacturer, it means that you can enjoy extra flexibility when it comes to choosing your bucket’s size, style and colour. We think that choosing a container colour that matches your business is […]

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20th July 2015
Is your food packaging compliant with food-contact regulations?

If your business is involved in making or producing food and you package it up yourself, you must make sure you use a material and packaging which is suitable for food use. Today, most plastic containers will meet the requisite ‘food contact’ standards, but the results of using a non-food-safe packaging can be catastrophic. Plastic […]

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27th May 2015
Plastic container production methods

H&O Plastics manufacture and distribute buckets to businesses and individuals nationwide. We fulfil large contracts as well as smaller orders via our website. In total H&O plastics sell around two million plastic containers and other products every year. Designing, manufacturing and delivering this many buckets each year is by no means easy. Our Birkenhead factory […]

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18th May 2015
A bucket with lid for every occasion

Looking for a bucket with a lid? At H&O, all of our plastic containers come with lids (or at least the option of a lid). We don’t stop there though - because we manufacture lidded containers and sell them directly to the public it means that we can be flexible around the demands of our […]

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11th May 2015
Plastic chemical containers - ideal for manufacturers

Here at H&O we do a lot of business with manufacturers specialising in the production of chemicals, inks, dyes and other pigments. Our plastic containers are ideal for the storage and handling of sensitive materials which have the potential to harm the environment or even the people they come into contact with. Perfect for storing […]

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