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The strongest 25l buckets on the market

Published: 20th July 2022

Our 25l large buckets are our strongest premium buckets and are manufactured in the UK at our site in Birkenhead, Merseyside. We're confident that they're the most robust on the market as we use 20% more raw material than the competition. This results in a bucket that's resistant to cracking and splitting. Used correctly, each of these buckets will last for years.

With the addition of an optional gasket and metal band, these buckets become UN approved containers. This means that the containers are especially secure and built to meet the requirements of chapter 6.1 of the U.N. Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Ideal for carrying all manner of liquids and chemicals, you won't find a more secure bucket anywhere else!

Our 25l buckets can also be supplied with two independent handles. Health and safety law in the UK mandates that one person should n ot carry more than 20kg. The two handles on either side of this style of bucket allow for two people to easily spread the load between them. This means that a load of more than 20kg may be safely handled.

The robustness of our bucket and the quality of the materials means that you can be sure that you can clean and reuse this bucket almost infinitely. Not only will this save you money over the years but it's also great for the environment and results in less plastic waste.

With a brim full capacity of 28l, these buckets may serve as an acceptable substitute for 30l containers such as the 30l open top keg when used in conjunction with the gasketed lid and metal band.

Our 25l buckets are available in a range of colours and are available with or without lids.

  • Can be supplied with a gasket fitted making it UN Approved Container
  • Can also be supplied with two plastic side handles

Click here to view our full range of 25l buckets

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