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New product: Pelican pumps for buckets and jerry cans

Published: 14th June 2018

H&O are pleased to announce a new addition to our product range.

Our new pelican pump products are ideal for use in a range of scenarios around your home and business.

What is a pelican pump?

5l White Plastic Bucket with Pelican Pump
A pelican pump is a pump that's designed to fit into a plastic container and dispense a certain amount of a liquid inside. They screw into the top of a bucket or jerry can and, with a quick push, dispense a set amount of the contents quickly and easily.

Our pelican pumps can help reduce waste and save you time due to their set dosages and convenience.

Easily accessible

Got your hands full? No need to unscrew a jerry can cap or prise off a bucket lid - one quick push dispenses the right amount of product.

Keeps products fresh

Because the container is airtight and there's no need to open the container to get at the contents, your product will stay fresher for longer.

What can I dispense with a pelican pump?

The pelican pump is great for dispensing cooking oils, hand soaps, liquids, food relishes, waxes and cleaning chemicals. These pumps can also be used in places like garages or workshops where they can dispense hand cleaners like swarfega without having to twist off lids or caps.

Which of your products comes with a pump?

We currently offer two products with a built-in pelican pump. The first is our 5l bucket.

The second is our 5l jerry can. Please note that we also supply these jerry cans with a cap for easy storage.

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