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25th July 2018
New Product: Grit Guard and Bucket

H&O Plastics are pleased to announce a new addition to their product range - a car washing/detailing bucket complete with a high quality grit shield.

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14th June 2018
New product: Pelican pumps for buckets and jerry cans

H&O are pleased to announce a new addition to our product range. Our new pelican pump products are ideal for use in a range of scenarios around your home and business. What is a pelican pump? A pelican pump is a pump that's designed to fit into a plastic container and dispense a certain amount […]

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10th April 2018
Product focus - PET and HDPE Bottles

We've recently introduced a new range of plastic bottles to our store (you can view the range here). Below are some ideas for some possible uses for these products. PET Plastic Bottle Our 500ml clear plastic bottle is manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which makes it extremely clear, strong and durable. It's ideal for a […]

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26th January 2018
Introducing our 25/30l container with handles and lid

The latest addition to H&O's plastic containers range is our 25/30l container with handles and lid. The buckets are UN approved and comply with the Manual Handling Regulations Act of 1992.

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20th December 2017
Metal UN Pails

Due to high demand, H & O Plastics have this week added Metal UN Pails to our product range. At H & O Plastics, we take pride in listening to our customer's needs and will always endeavour to fulfil requests. These metal UN pails are high quality, UN-approved and suitable for storing and transporting chemicals, […]

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13th February 2017
Make your own DWC hydroponics bucket system

Plants that grow without soil are called hydroponics. Hydroponic growing can be in rock, wool, gravel, liquid or speciality ‘soil’ mixes that aren’t really soil at all. It can be done inside and outside and growing without soil helps you protect your plants against all sorts of nasty bacteria, insects and chemicals that can be […]

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14th December 2016
New product alert: Cheap plastic fire bucket

H&O Plastics has launched its hottest new product, bright red plastic fire buckets that are significantly cheaper than metal alternatives. Although fire-fighting technology has moved on quite a lot in the past couple of decades, fire buckets still have a place in certain environments. And this bright plastic container is a modern and cost-effective alternative […]

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9th December 2016
BuyBuckets launches the cheapest paint kettles on the internet

H&O Plastics is pleased to announce that the newest product category on its retail website features some of the cheapest paint kettles available on the internet. Our 2.5 litre paint kettle and 5 litre paint kettle are, as far as we can tell, the cheapest that you can buy online. Paint kettles make up the […]

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12th September 2016
H&O Plastics introduce new clear plastic bucket for ease and safety

H&O Plastics are pleased to announce that we have added a new plastic bucket to our extensive container range. The latest addition is a large - 25 litre - see-through plastic container that makes handling and storing a whole range of products easier and safer. Made from the same extra-tough plastic as all of our […]

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11th September 2015
Bargain alert – Metal UN Containers with Crimped Lids

Due to an unexpected manufacturing over-run, the H&O Plastics warehouse is full to the brim with Crimped Lid Metal UN Containers which we need to shift as quickly as possible. To sell this surplus we have slashed the container price and plan to sell them in batches of 121 on the Buy Buckets website. These […]

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10th June 2015
Screw top plastic jars – new product alert

Keen-eyed bucket shoppers may have noticed the latest addition to the BuyBuckets range which went live on the website this week. We are pleased to announce our newest product category as screw top plastic jars. These new products are perfect for transporting, storing and displaying a range of different substances and products including creams, powders, […]

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6th May 2015
New Design

At H&O, we are always designing and developing our products in line with our customers needs and wants. Our latest design has been developed specifically for the fibre glass industry. This new design has a perfectly flat base which makes it ideal for mixing and storing products such as resins and floor repairing kits. Most, […]

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