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New Design

Published: 06th May 2015

At H&O, we are always designing and developing our products in line with our customers needs and wants. Our latest design has been developed specifically for the fibre glass industry.

This new design has a perfectly flat base which makes it ideal for mixing and storing products such as resins and floor repairing kits. Most, if not all, plastic containers have various ridges on the base that increase the strength of the container. However, listening to our customers in the fibre glass industry, we've discovered that these ridges make it difficult for mixing and create problems when trying to remove the remaining product at the end.

With this in mind, we've developed the perfectly flat bottomed bucket which allows complete mixing and emptying. When fibre glass resin or filler hardens, the product can be knocked out of the container and the container reused.

This container is an ideal size at 10 litres for repair and filling jobs and, if required, it can also be supplied with a lid.

Despite H&O manufacturing plastic containers for 20 years, we are still surprised at some of the ways that our customers use our products. Recent orders for this container have been also been used in commodes!

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