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26th February 2018
Storing pet food in bulk? We've got a plastic container for you!

If you buy your pet's food in bulk and need some way to store it securely then H&O Plastics have got a container for you.

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30th March 2016
African pygmy hedgehogs love plastic bucket exercise wheels

African pygmy hedgehogs are the new must-have pets in Britain. The eggcup-sized hogs have won the hearts of tens of thousands of British pet owners, who simply can’t resist their button black eyes and soft pink noses. And a husband and wife team from Wiltshire have turned their love of the spiny pets into a […]

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4th March 2015
Choosing the Right Bucket for Your Animals

At H&O we love helping animals, that's why we work with vets, farmers and other animal lovers take care of pets, livestock and recreational animals. Our buckets come in a massive range of shapes and sizes – we have a plastic container for every purpose. From feed buckets to water troughs and even makeshift animal […]

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