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16th April 2023
Buckets of fun - a storage solution for your playroom

Every parent knows the struggle of keeping a house organised with the ever-growing collection of kids' toys. The search for an effective storage solution can often be challenging and frustrating. We've come up with an ingenious way to store toys using plastic buckets arranged in a pyramid-shaped stack.

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15th February 2023
Get Creative in the Kitchen with These Surprising Plastic Bucket Hacks

H&O Plastics have some great tips on how you can use our plastic buckets around your kitchen to make your life easier.

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18th February 2021
Plastic Buckets for Your Home Decoration Projects

At a time when many of us are seeking projects to keep us busy, home decoration may be just what you are looking for.

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12th February 2021
Plastic buckets with lids as home storage solutions

Right now, we're spending more time at home. This makes it more important than ever to keep your home tidy and organised so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. A major part of clearing out and tidying is finding storage to keep various items in. Plastic buckets with lids are the ideal choice for this […]

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28th January 2021
Easter Ideas for the Family with Plastic Buckets

Easter is the perfect time to have fun as a family. This is more important than ever right now as we are all living in unusual times. Family life may be quite different than normal at the moment, especially if you have kids who are not at school and their routine has been interrupted.

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14th June 2018
New product: Pelican pumps for buckets and jerry cans

H&O are pleased to announce a new addition to our product range. Our new pelican pump products are ideal for use in a range of scenarios around your home and business. What is a pelican pump? A pelican pump is a pump that's designed to fit into a plastic container and dispense a certain amount […]

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19th May 2017
Checklist: Plan the perfect bank holiday camping trip

The Spring bank holiday is almost upon us and what better way to spend it that getting back to nature with the ones you love. The end of May is a fantastic time for a staycation camping holiday. Early forecasts suggest the weekend weather will be good across large parts of the country and, perhaps […]

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4th November 2016
Top tips for having a fun (and safe) bonfire night  

It’s a special time of year when the night sky lights up with colourful fireworks and the air is thick with the smell of bonfires. With bonfire night falling on a Saturday, the celebrations are going to consider all weekend long. It’s the most loved (and probably the only) celebration of a foiled assassination plot. […]

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3rd August 2016
This Reddit user is convincing everyone to buy buckets

And we think he makes a pretty good argument. One Reddit user was so pleased with his bucket purchase that he took to the social network site, and crafted an elegant argument for why everybody should keep one close at hand. In a discussion about what unexpected domestic items ended up being the most useful, […]

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6th January 2016
DIY homemade wet wipes for cleaning

2016 is finally here and if your New Year’s Resolution was to save money this year then we have a fantastic project for you – homemade wet cleaning wipes. These wipes are great for quick cleaning jobs in the home, in the car, and just about anywhere else. But if you buy them from the […]

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13th December 2015
The 12 buckets of Christmas

Are you excited yet? There’s officially twelve days until Christmas and a lot of people are already feeling the buzz that comes around this time of year. Well, the children are at least. For the rest of us though, those Christmas stresses are setting in. What are you going to wear to the Christmas party? […]

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4th November 2015
Bonfire night safety tips

It’s bonfire night tomorrow! And the festivities will likely continue all weekend long. Everybody loves bonfire night. It’s the most loved (and probably the only) celebration of a foiled assassination plot in the world. But bonfire night is only fun if it’s enjoyed safely. You have to remember to take the proper precautions before throwing […]

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