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This Reddit user is convincing everyone to buy buckets

Published: 03rd August 2016

downloadAnd we think he makes a pretty good argument.

One Reddit user was so pleased with his bucket purchase that he took to the social network site, and crafted an elegant argument for why everybody should keep one close at hand.

In a discussion about what unexpected domestic items ended up being the most useful, Reddit user Shuggins made his case.

And it ended up being one of the most viewed pages on the site last month.

Shuggins is obviously a big believer in the functionality of buckets. And his rundown of all the possible bucket uses is quite exhaustive.

We particularly like some of the situations he talks about that don’t come around that often, but for which you should always keep equipment around.

He also talked about some of the more unsanitary uses of buckets, which we won’t repeat, but which are equally valid.

Other Reddit users clearly agreed with Shuggins. The single comment received more than 6,000 points and generated hundreds of replies.

Other users jumped in with their own advice on bucket buying.

We don't know about Home Depot buckets, but you can buy heavy duty buckets from us for cheap as well. And they even come in orange.

Some people even pledged to buy more than one bucket.

And some people had a bit of a laugh.

To read the full discussion click here.

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