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Plastic buckets with lids as home storage solutions

Published: 12th February 2021

Right now, we're spending more time at home. This makes it more important than ever to keep your home tidy and organised so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. A major part of clearing out and tidying is finding storage to keep various items in. Plastic buckets with lids are the ideal choice for this purpose.

They are versatile and durable and having a lid means that they can safely be used to store items that can cause damage if they spill or that need to be kept fresh and safe from the environment. Let’s look at the benefits of a home clear-up and how buckets with lids can be useful.

The benefits of tidying up and clearing out

According to Psychology Today, there are several positive aspects of clearing out your home and tidying up. Having an organised space makes you feel more relaxed and happy. You also get the physical benefits of the tidying process.

Planning to get rid of items that you do not need also gives you a project to occupy your mind. You can start by organising containers to place items in. You may want to use bin bags or boxes for things that you want to recycle, throw away, or donate to charity. Then, you can use plastic containers to store items that you want to keep.

Using plastic buckets for storage in your home

There are many good reasons why buckets with lids are good to use as storage containers including:

  • Available in different sizes.
  • Different colours, including transparent, to choose from.
  • Durable, so there is no need to replace them frequently.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Bearing these advantages in mind, here are some ideas for using these containers in your home.

Gathering items together

Large buckets made from plastic are ideal for storing items that would otherwise cause clutter in your home, such as summer clothes and shoes. This is especially the case when you need to put these items away during the winter months. Using a clear bucket means that you can see what is inside and easily retrieve it when it’s needed.

You may also want to colour code your every day storage. For example, you could choose to keep dirty clothes in a red bucket and items to be ironed in a blue one. Using colours in this way helps you to maintain order.

Creating fun storage for kids

If you have kids, you may find that your home can be full of their clothes and toys in no times at all. Young children have a tendency to leave things and move on without thinking. In no time at all, there is a trail of discarded items, especially in their bedroom.
It’s important to teach your kids to be tidy. Now is as good a time as any to do this, when you may be at home for more hours during the day. As a start, why not grab a plastic bucket with a lid and help your child to decorate it. They can personalise it with their name or favourite superheroes. Then, the bucket can be used to store toys or books, helping to keep their space tidy. This activity not only teaches your child to be tidy, it’s also a great craft exercise that can help with their development.

Keeping sheds and garages tidy

It's not just your indoor space that needs to be organised. It’s just as essential to keep your garden, shed and garage organised as well. In fact, given the dangers that exist for kids and adults outside, it’s arguably more important to pay attention to safe and secure storage here.

This is no problem as you can use large and sturdy buckets that have lids to keep tools and other items safe and away from your kids. The same applies to paint and chemicals which can be stored in containers with secure lids. Using this type of storage keeps your shed and garage tidy and helps to stop accidents from happening.

Hopefully, you have been inspired to grab a few buckets with lids and start turning your home into a tidier and more organised space.

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