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Introducing our 25/30l container with handles and lid

Published: 26th January 2018

The latest addition to H&O's plastic containers range is our 25/30l container with handles and lid. The buckets are UN approved and comply with the Manual Handling Regulations Act of 1992.

Use Cases

25 Litre Container With HandlesDistribute the load between two people

In certain European countries, particularly Germany, there is a legal requirement for two-handled buckets when shifting a heavy load. These plastic containers are ideal for this purpose.

The two independent handles make for easy lifting when two people are spreading the load evenly between them.

Aside from the legal requirements, the ability to split a load between

Compared to the market standard, this bucket is manufactured to a much heavier specification. By injecting more raw material, we can ensure extra thicker plastic walls.

Incineration and waste disposal

This bucket is 100% plastic and contains no metal making it ideal for use in the incineration and waste disposal industry. The product completely burns completely in an incinerator leaving no metal waste behind.

Other uses

The container is ideal for transporting chemicals or food products. We can also supply this container with a gasketed lid and metal fastening band making it UN certified.


This product is available in black, whitered (pictured), blue and green.


H&O Plastics are committed to providing the best possible prices direct. As the manufacturer, we can supply our plastic containers direct to you at a fantastic price. You can buy them right now from our website using the links above. Alternatively, please give us a call on 0151 639 0002 or contact us here.

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