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Why should I use plastic buckets in my business?

Published: 05th February 2021

Businesses use buckets for many different purposes, from transporting food products to storing chemicals. Whatever the requirements of your business are, using buckets made from plastic makes sense. There are several different reasons for this.

Ever since plastic was first used to make buckets back in 1967, businesses in a variety of industries have made use of their valuable qualities. So, why is this the case and how can you use this type of bucket in your business?

The durability of plastic buckets

The main beneficial quality of plastic is its durability. They do not corrode and they do not dent in the same way that metal buckets do. If you choose plastic, the buckets that you use in your business will withstand harsh weather conditions.

They will also withstand the impacts of regular use and are not as prone to damage as some other types of container. As a result, they will last longer and you will not need to regularly invest money in purchasing replacements.

A variety of different uses

Plastic buckets are also lightweight and adaptable. This makes them ideal for use in numerous different business situations. For example, they can be used for:

  • Storing and transporting food in restaurants and takeaways where food-grade, different coloured buckets can be used to help prevent cross-contamination.
  • Carrying tools and materials around building sites where heavy-duty containers are an ideal choice.
  • Storing animal feed and medication in veterinary practices and on farms.
  • Keeping chemicals safely stored away in manufacturing businesses.

Any business that has storage or transportation needs can usually benefit from using containers manufactured from plastic.

The ease of cleaning and re-use

If you use buckets in your business, you want them to be easy to clean and maintain. This helps to save time and effort and means the containers can be reused many times. Usually, plastics can be cleaned easily using cold water. Jet washing can help remove any stubborn odours that remain.

Any smells that still persist can be removed quite simply. The bucket simply needs to be filled with cold water, with a couple of spoons of vinegar or bicarbonate of soda added. Once the solution has been left for four or five hours, the bucket should be odour-free again.

Watertight and tamper-proof bucket solutions

Plastic buckets made for business use are moulded in one piece, so they do not have seams to leak from. This is especially important if you are storing products that are likely to go off if they are not kept in a tightly sealed container.

It is also an essential aspect of storing and transporting chemicals in accordance with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) guidelines. Using plastic tamper proof buckets helps to ensure that chemicals are handled safely.

The recycling factor

More than ever, businesses and consumers are embracing the importance of sustainability. It is vital from a performance and brand reputation point of view. You may not realise it, but plastic containers can form an important part of the sustainability focus of your business.

They are easy to reuse and they can also be recycled. Even if you are unsure about recycling plastic items, there are specialist companies that will do all of the work for you. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are helping to protect the environment.

You can see that when you are choosing buckets to use for your business, opting for plastic makes sense. It gives you the durability, ease of maintenance, safety, and ability to recycle that you need.

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