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Plastic products and Brexit - is your supply safe?

Published: 14th January 2020

Brexit - a turbulent topic, but one that affects everyone living in the UK right now. Regardless of whether you’re a business preparing for the inevitable implications of leaving Europe, or simply a consumer trying to understand what will happen to the companies that you buy from, Brexit is still so unclear that planning for the future can seem quite frustrating.

There has been much talk about what will happen once the UK leaves Europe, and whether the government will be able to make a deal or not. Ironically, the only thing we can be certain on is the uncertainty. By no longer being a member of Europe, we will lose the security of being part of the EUs single market. This means that businesses in the UK are likely to be affected by changes in tax and duty reporting, transferring data, regulations for workers moving in and out of the country and, most importantly, the free movement of goods.

Even if the UK manages to leave with a deal, many businesses based here will be significantly affected by the changes to purchasing and transporting goods from Europe. The reality is that those businesses who look to Europe to provide their goods will suffer, as even once you make your purchases, customs requirements will mean delays on receiving those goods, as well as further possible delays across the logistics industry, as transportation regulations become more complicated. And if no deal is reached and the UK leaves on the World Trade Organisation’s terms, then things could be even more difficult.

For many businesses in our industry, even those who describe themselves as British bucket manufacturers, Brexit is likely to bring upheaval. The truth is that many of these businesses are simply distributors and their range of products are brought in from Europe and beyond. These type of distributors will most certainly be impacted by the delays and checks that buying from outside the UK will bring.

If your business is reliant on UK plastic bucket manufacturers to provide the products you need, then it’s time to be cautious. Can you afford the delay in your supply chain should the plastic products be detained thanks to changes in customs or logistic requirements? And with the likelihood of these delays driving prices up, would you be able to absorb the increase in costs of plastic buckets?

But while many companies claim to be British bucket manufacturers, at H&O Plastics we are proud to be able to say we are a genuine UK manufacturer of plastic buckets. In fact, our range of plastic solutions are designed and made at our factory, right here in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Our vast range of plastic products are created and stored here in the UK, and therefore won’t be affected by delays in either purchasing or transportation - or any additional price increases that these delays may result in.

As one of the UK’s leading plastic bucket manufacturers, H&O Plastic’s can safely say that all our customers will continue to receive the same great service, wide range of products and competitive pricing that they always have.

If you have any concerns, come and talk to the team - we’d be happy to help.

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