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How car wash buckets with grit guards protect your car

Published: 16th February 2021

Even if you are not one of life’s great car detailers, you need to wash your car regularly during the winter to protect it. If you don't get the car wash bucket, shampoo, sponge and hosepipe out when you should, you can end up with damaged car paintwork that is expensive to fix.

On average, you should wash your car every 10 to 14 days, especially during bad weather. The next time you do so, it’s worth adding an extra tool to your cleaning armoury. Replacing your regular bucket with a professional car wash bucket with a grit guard helps to make the job a lot easier.

What is a car wash bucket with a grit guard?

A grit guard in a car wash bucket sits a few inches up from the bottom of the bucket. It traps the grit that comes off your sponge and gloves as you wash your vehicle. This means that there is no danger of you reapplying the grit to the paintwork as you continue with washing.

This is important as you need to make sure that grit and grime are removed from your vehicle in order to keep it in good condition. There are several reasons why using a bucket with a grit guard to do this is a good idea.

Why using a grit guard in your car wash bucket makes sense

Many experts recommend using two buckets when you wash your car. This means that you can use one for warm water and shampoo and one for just warm water. You can then dip your sponge in the bucket with the shampoo, wipe your vehicle, and then rinse the sponge in the bucket with just the water to remove grime and grit. Using one bucket with a grit guard has the same effect. So, it allows you to simplify your washing process.

If you opt to have a lid on your bucket, you can also use it as a seat. This makes it easy for you to reach underneath your car without having to kneel on the ground. It’s important that you do this as brushing debris such as salt and grit from under your car helps to keep it in good condition.

You can begin to see why this type of bucket is useful. Looking into their use further, the main benefits you get from using one are:

  • The current of water swirling around the bucket is dampened so grit is not reintroduced to the water in the part of the bucket above the grid.
  • You cannot touch the bottom of the bucket where the sediment is, so you cannot get the sediment on your sponge or gloves.
  • You can scrape your gloves and sponge on the grid in order to remove grit and trap it in the bottom of the bucket.

H&O recognises these benefits that customers can get from plastic car wash buckets with grit guards. This is why we provide high-quality buckets made with more raw materials than other suppliers. We also provide our buckets at a more affordable cost than you can find at the usual high street retailers.

Use one or more of our car wash buckets with a grit guard to keep your car clean during lockdown. They're especially handy at the moment given that if you usually use a hand car wash, they're currently closed. Washing your own car is a lot easier to do if you have one of our professional car wash buckets to hand.

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