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7th August 2017
H&O Plastics present how to cut down plastic waste at your food service company

Plastic waste is a growing concern in Britain and around the world. Global demand for plastics is expected to double in the next 20 years, but most plastic packaging is only used once before it is discarded and only about 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling. 40% of the globe’s plastic winds up […]

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5th June 2017
How can I tell if a bucket is food grade?

Plastic buckets are cheap and handy in commercial kitchens where foodstuffs need to be delivered, moved around and stored regularly. Where you have high volumes of food, such as a large batch of sauce or a restaurant-supply of grains, plastic buckets with lids are perfect. They are airtight, protecting your products from pollutants, cheap to […]

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26th May 2017
Caterers: Quick and easy tips for plastic container food storage

In restaurants, takeaways and other catering environments, good food storage is critical for holding onto your hot food licence. But failing to comply with the regulations could also result in customers becoming ill or, in extreme cases, death. To make life a bit easier in busy kitchens, many caterers like to prepare meals or ingredients […]

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19th May 2017
Checklist: Plan the perfect bank holiday camping trip

The Spring bank holiday is almost upon us and what better way to spend it that getting back to nature with the ones you love. The end of May is a fantastic time for a staycation camping holiday. Early forecasts suggest the weekend weather will be good across large parts of the country and, perhaps […]

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4th April 2017
2017: 5 tips for the perfect Easter camping or caravanning break

Later Easter weekend + the slight possibility of some good weather over the half-term break = the best opportunity in years to get away on an Easter camping or caravanning break. Falling slap bang in the middle of April, the Good Friday to Easter Monday extended weekend promises long bright days, some fantastic blossoming plant […]

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29th March 2017
Easter activity: Decorating Easter buckets

Easter is coming up fast, and the children will be out of school soon. So now is the perfect time to start organising some Easter activities. If a tradition at your home, school, nursery or playgroup is to have an Easter egg hunt then decorating an Easter bucket can be the perfect crafty pre-cursor to […]

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21st March 2017
Safety guide: Camping with a campfire

There is something magical about camping with a campfire. After a long day of walking, exploring or just relaxing in the Great British outdoors, there is nothing better than getting back to camp and being greeted with the warmth and smell of a roasting hot fire. Campfires are perfect for cooking your simple evening meal […]

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15th March 2017
How to make a campsite fire point

Fire safety should be a top concern for campsite and caravan park owners. Whether you just let out a small parcel of land, or run a multi hectare campsite, you can’t shirk your fire safety responsibilities. According to Direct Gov, a fire can destroy a tent in less than a minute and nearly one caravan […]

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8th March 2017
H&O Plastics celebrate 25 years in business

2017 marks an important milestone in H&O Plastics’ history, because the Merseyside industrial packaging manufacturer turns 25 years old this year. If H&O Plastics was a person it would be able to: Hire a car abroad Order a drink in Delhi Join the Indian Merchant Navy Thankfully it isn’t going to do any of those […]

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22nd February 2017
How to boost fire safety with fire buckets

Fire buckets might seem like a bit of a low-tech solution to fire safety, particularly when fire extinguishers are sprinkler systems are so common. But fire buckets still have an important role to play in your company’s fire risk assessment. They are useful for tackling small blazes before they have a chance to spread. Fire […]

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15th February 2017
Leather, Metal, Plastic: A Brief History of Fire Buckets

The history of fire buckets is intertwined with the history of firefighting, and mankind’s historical relationship with – leather, metal and plastic. Early beginnings: The humble leather fire bucket Putting out a fire didn’t used to be as simple as dialing 999. Before about the 17th century there was very little in the way of […]

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13th February 2017
Make your own DWC hydroponics bucket system

Plants that grow without soil are called hydroponics. Hydroponic growing can be in rock, wool, gravel, liquid or speciality ‘soil’ mixes that aren’t really soil at all. It can be done inside and outside and growing without soil helps you protect your plants against all sorts of nasty bacteria, insects and chemicals that can be […]

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