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Using Plastic Buckets on a Fishing Trip

Published: 26th February 2021

There is something very special about the sport of angling. It can be both relaxing and exhilarating and you can travel into some beautiful parts of the country to participate. Whether you are a serious angler, or just relish the occasional fishing trip, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had.

According to a Study of Freshwater Angling in England, this enjoyment is also important to the economy with anglers contributing £1.4 billion annually as a result of their spending. On average, each angler spends around £400 on equipment like rods, keep nets, and plastic buckets for fishing.

The same report also recognised that coarse fishing was the most popular form of angling in the country. We may be approaching the close season for coarse fishing in the UK, but if you are an enthusiast there is still plenty of fishing-related activity to keep you busy. This includes preparing your kit for when the season starts again, in June. When you are doing this, remember to add plastic fishing buckets to your list of essential items.

Why use plastic buckets for fishing?

You may not realise just how useful a plastic bucket can be when you are heading out to the riverbank, or even just your local park. Look at these ways to use a plastic bucket when you are fishing, for inspiration.

  • Storing and carrying bait. Having a secure container with an airtight lid is useful if you do not want to have a car full of crawling maggots by the time you reach your fishing destination.
  • Mixing good groundbait. Having a durable plastic bucket to hand makes it easier to mix the bait that you need to attract fish to your swim.
  • Carrying equipment or food items. If your basket is already jammed with floats and spare reels, it’s helpful to have a separate container to carry other equipment like a catapult for distributing bait. You may also need somewhere to keep your sandwiches dry and fresh, especially in bad weather. A plastic bucket with a lid is ideal for this purpose.
  • Using as a seat. It’s simple to turn a bucket over and use it as a secure seat on the riverbank.
    It’s also worth mentioning that plastic buckets are light to carry which is a major positive given the amount of weight carrying that is often involved when you go fishing.

Plastic buckets that do not disturb the fish

You can see the benefits of using buckets for bait and other purposes but you may be worried about fish being deterred by brightly coloured buckets on the bank. After all, every angler knows that fish can be easily spooked. This usually happens due to movement and colour rather than sound as sounds like talking do not travel very well under the water.

This is why the fishing and bait buckets at H&O Plastics come in naturally camouflaged colours. They are available in black and different shades of green. This means that you can happily use the buckets on the riverbank without disturbing the fish in your swim.

During the close season for coarse fishing, take a look at some plastic buckets. As you can see, they have a multitude of uses, so they make an excellent addition to your kit.

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