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New car detailing buckets now available

Published: 14th February 2022

Ensuring your car is clean can be a full time job, especially at certain times of the year when it seems the weather is against us. And if you’re wanting to avoid the expensive car washes and look after your vehicle yourself, cleaning your car can become a frustrating job. From hoses that don’t quite reach to where your car is parked to buckets that don’t hold enough water to get the job done, washing your own car is a feat in itself. That’s why getting the right equipment is key.

Here at H&O Plastics we can take the frustration out of keeping your car clean, with our ever popular car detailing buckets. Designed specifically for the job in hand our car washing buckets are both large and robust, meaning they can withstand vigorous use and are built to last. Made from polypropylene, the buckets are well sized, yet remaining light and easy to manoeuvre even when filled.

Each bucket is fitted with a practical metal handle, allowing for easier movement, as well as coming complete with a black grit shield. The shield itself sits flush within the bucket, just 2 inches above the base and acts as a guard so that any dirt or debris will be retained in the bucket. This means there is no risk of your sponge picking up bits of grit and dirt from the bottom of the bucket and scratching your cars paintwork as you wash.

Our car detailing buckets are available to buy in two sizes, 16L and 20L. Our standard, and less expensive 16L bucket, is designed to be a strong, high quality bucket despite being lighter than our original 16L heavyweight version. At a height of just 310mm, this car washing bucket is also easy to store and is a good choice for car washing at home, or for those who want great quality at a lower price.

Our larger 20L version is ideal for professional car detailing businesses or for those who prefer to have more water to hand, as it is able to hold a substantial amount of liquid while still being extremely easy to use.

Whether you choose the 16L or the 20L, our car detailing buckets come in a range of colours, so you won’t be restricted to the usual yellow. We have a variety of brighter colours available, including blue, red, green and orange - however, if you’d prefer more traditional colours both size of bucket are available in navy, black, white and translucent. The colour range can be an added bonus if you want your car detailing equipment to stand out, or adds a personal touch for professional car detailers looking to coordinate with branded colours. For bulk orders we are also able to offer logo printing or branded detailing added to the side of the buckets.

To complete your car washing set up we can also provide lids to the car detailing bucket of your choice. Available separately, the lids give you the option to enclose any detailing products within the bucket and store all items together.

To find out more about both our 16L and 20L car detailing buckets, as well as viewing our complete colour range, head to our website here. As always discount options are available on bulk orders, just ask. For queries on prices, availability and branded printing, please give the team a call on 0151 639 0002 or drop us an e-mail to sales@ho-plastics.co.uk and we’d be happy to talk through your requirements and give you all the information you need.

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