There is something very special about the sport of angling. It can be both relaxing and exhilarating and you can travel into some beautiful parts of the country to participate. Whether you are a serious angler, or just relish the occasional fishing trip, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had.

According to a Study of Freshwater Angling in England, this enjoyment is also important to the economy with anglers contributing £1.4 billion annually as a result of their spending. On average, each angler spends around £400 on equipment like rods, keep nets, and plastic buckets for fishing.

The same report also recognised that coarse fishing was the most popular form of angling in the country. We may be approaching the close season for coarse fishing in the UK, but if you are an enthusiast there is still plenty of fishing-related activity to keep you busy. This includes preparing your kit for when the season starts again, in June. When you are doing this, remember to add plastic fishing buckets to your list of essential items.

Why use plastic buckets for fishing?

You may not realise just how useful a plastic bucket can be when you are heading out to the riverbank, or even just your local park. Look at these ways to use a plastic bucket when you are fishing, for inspiration.

Plastic buckets that do not disturb the fish

You can see the benefits of using buckets for bait and other purposes but you may be worried about fish being deterred by brightly coloured buckets on the bank. After all, every angler knows that fish can be easily spooked. This usually happens due to movement and colour rather than sound as sounds like talking do not travel very well under the water.

This is why the fishing and bait buckets at H&O Plastics come in naturally camouflaged colours. They are available in black and different shades of green. This means that you can happily use the buckets on the riverbank without disturbing the fish in your swim.

During the close season for coarse fishing, take a look at some plastic buckets. As you can see, they have a multitude of uses, so they make an excellent addition to your kit.

At a time when many of us are seeking projects to keep us busy, home decoration may be just what you are looking for. (more…)

Even if you are not one of life’s great car detailers, you need to wash your car regularly during the winter to protect it. If you don't get the car wash bucket, shampoo, sponge and hosepipe out when you should, you can end up with damaged car paintwork that is expensive to fix.

On average, you should wash your car every 10 to 14 days, especially during bad weather. The next time you do so, it’s worth adding an extra tool to your cleaning armoury. Replacing your regular bucket with a professional car wash bucket with a grit guard helps to make the job a lot easier.

What is a car wash bucket with a grit guard?

A grit guard in a car wash bucket sits a few inches up from the bottom of the bucket. It traps the grit that comes off your sponge and gloves as you wash your vehicle. This means that there is no danger of you reapplying the grit to the paintwork as you continue with washing.

This is important as you need to make sure that grit and grime are removed from your vehicle in order to keep it in good condition. There are several reasons why using a bucket with a grit guard to do this is a good idea.

Why using a grit guard in your car wash bucket makes sense

Many experts recommend using two buckets when you wash your car. This means that you can use one for warm water and shampoo and one for just warm water. You can then dip your sponge in the bucket with the shampoo, wipe your vehicle, and then rinse the sponge in the bucket with just the water to remove grime and grit. Using one bucket with a grit guard has the same effect. So, it allows you to simplify your washing process.

If you opt to have a lid on your bucket, you can also use it as a seat. This makes it easy for you to reach underneath your car without having to kneel on the ground. It’s important that you do this as brushing debris such as salt and grit from under your car helps to keep it in good condition.

You can begin to see why this type of bucket is useful. Looking into their use further, the main benefits you get from using one are:

H&O recognises these benefits that customers can get from plastic car wash buckets with grit guards. This is why we provide high-quality buckets made with more raw materials than other suppliers. We also provide our buckets at a more affordable cost than you can find at the usual high street retailers.

Use one or more of our car wash buckets with a grit guard to keep your car clean during lockdown. They're especially handy at the moment given that if you usually use a hand car wash, they're currently closed. Washing your own car is a lot easier to do if you have one of our professional car wash buckets to hand.

Right now, we're spending more time at home. This makes it more important than ever to keep your home tidy and organised so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. A major part of clearing out and tidying is finding storage to keep various items in. Plastic buckets with lids are the ideal choice for this purpose.

They are versatile and durable and having a lid means that they can safely be used to store items that can cause damage if they spill or that need to be kept fresh and safe from the environment. Let’s look at the benefits of a home clear-up and how buckets with lids can be useful.

The benefits of tidying up and clearing out

According to Psychology Today, there are several positive aspects of clearing out your home and tidying up. Having an organised space makes you feel more relaxed and happy. You also get the physical benefits of the tidying process.

Planning to get rid of items that you do not need also gives you a project to occupy your mind. You can start by organising containers to place items in. You may want to use bin bags or boxes for things that you want to recycle, throw away, or donate to charity. Then, you can use plastic containers to store items that you want to keep.

Using plastic buckets for storage in your home

There are many good reasons why buckets with lids are good to use as storage containers including:

Bearing these advantages in mind, here are some ideas for using these containers in your home.

Gathering items together

Large buckets made from plastic are ideal for storing items that would otherwise cause clutter in your home, such as summer clothes and shoes. This is especially the case when you need to put these items away during the winter months. Using a clear bucket means that you can see what is inside and easily retrieve it when it’s needed.

You may also want to colour code your every day storage. For example, you could choose to keep dirty clothes in a red bucket and items to be ironed in a blue one. Using colours in this way helps you to maintain order.

Creating fun storage for kids

If you have kids, you may find that your home can be full of their clothes and toys in no times at all. Young children have a tendency to leave things and move on without thinking. In no time at all, there is a trail of discarded items, especially in their bedroom.
It’s important to teach your kids to be tidy. Now is as good a time as any to do this, when you may be at home for more hours during the day. As a start, why not grab a plastic bucket with a lid and help your child to decorate it. They can personalise it with their name or favourite superheroes. Then, the bucket can be used to store toys or books, helping to keep their space tidy. This activity not only teaches your child to be tidy, it’s also a great craft exercise that can help with their development.

Keeping sheds and garages tidy

It's not just your indoor space that needs to be organised. It’s just as essential to keep your garden, shed and garage organised as well. In fact, given the dangers that exist for kids and adults outside, it’s arguably more important to pay attention to safe and secure storage here.

This is no problem as you can use large and sturdy buckets that have lids to keep tools and other items safe and away from your kids. The same applies to paint and chemicals which can be stored in containers with secure lids. Using this type of storage keeps your shed and garage tidy and helps to stop accidents from happening.

Hopefully, you have been inspired to grab a few buckets with lids and start turning your home into a tidier and more organised space.

Businesses use buckets for many different purposes, from transporting food products to storing chemicals. Whatever the requirements of your business are, using buckets made from plastic makes sense. There are several different reasons for this.

Ever since plastic was first used to make buckets back in 1967, businesses in a variety of industries have made use of their valuable qualities. So, why is this the case and how can you use this type of bucket in your business?

The durability of plastic buckets

The main beneficial quality of plastic is its durability. They do not corrode and they do not dent in the same way that metal buckets do. If you choose plastic, the buckets that you use in your business will withstand harsh weather conditions.

They will also withstand the impacts of regular use and are not as prone to damage as some other types of container. As a result, they will last longer and you will not need to regularly invest money in purchasing replacements.

A variety of different uses

Plastic buckets are also lightweight and adaptable. This makes them ideal for use in numerous different business situations. For example, they can be used for:

Any business that has storage or transportation needs can usually benefit from using containers manufactured from plastic.

The ease of cleaning and re-use

If you use buckets in your business, you want them to be easy to clean and maintain. This helps to save time and effort and means the containers can be reused many times. Usually, plastics can be cleaned easily using cold water. Jet washing can help remove any stubborn odours that remain.

Any smells that still persist can be removed quite simply. The bucket simply needs to be filled with cold water, with a couple of spoons of vinegar or bicarbonate of soda added. Once the solution has been left for four or five hours, the bucket should be odour-free again.

Watertight and tamper-proof bucket solutions

Plastic buckets made for business use are moulded in one piece, so they do not have seams to leak from. This is especially important if you are storing products that are likely to go off if they are not kept in a tightly sealed container.

It is also an essential aspect of storing and transporting chemicals in accordance with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) guidelines. Using plastic tamper proof buckets helps to ensure that chemicals are handled safely.

The recycling factor

More than ever, businesses and consumers are embracing the importance of sustainability. It is vital from a performance and brand reputation point of view. You may not realise it, but plastic containers can form an important part of the sustainability focus of your business.

They are easy to reuse and they can also be recycled. Even if you are unsure about recycling plastic items, there are specialist companies that will do all of the work for you. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are helping to protect the environment.

You can see that when you are choosing buckets to use for your business, opting for plastic makes sense. It gives you the durability, ease of maintenance, safety, and ability to recycle that you need.

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