Red 16L Paint and Resin Pail

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A new heavy duty 16 litre plastic pail, which is suitable for packaging paints, resins, inks and other products.

This heavy duty container has been designed as an alternative to more expensive metal containers.

For businesses that are careful about their costs, replacing worn metal containers can be a significant expense. This container is perfect for manufacturers who need to be sure that their product will arrive intact, but don’t want the added expense of metal buckets. 

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This container is also available in wholesale quantities.

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You can be confident that these extremely durable containers will hold their contents without breaking and without spills.  The plastic pails also will not rust or dent, unlike their metal cousins.

  • Cost-effective alternative to metal containers
  • Multiple colours
  • No dents, no rust
  • Stackable lid design
  • Available in pallets of 132


  • Type: 16 Litre Heavy Duty Container with Lid
  • Capacity: 16 Litres
  • Lid Type: Clip on
  • Brim Full Capacity: 16.2 Litres
  • Weight: 1.1Kg
  • Colour: Any
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Height: 335mm
  • Width: 285mm
  • Quantity: 132

For more information on this product, or to place and order please contact a member of the team by calling: 0151 639 0002.