16L Standard Yellow Car Detailing Bucket with Grit Shield

16L Standard Yellow Car Detailing Bucket with Grit Shield

from £5.97 exc VAT

Looking for a professional bucket for washing and detailing your car? Want to keep grit, dirt and debris away from your paintwork?

This great value 16l plastic bucket comes complete with a strong grit shield that sits 2 inches above the base of your bucket and guards it from the dirt that you’ve washed off your vehicle. This grit shield guards against the risk of your sponge picking up bits of debris from the bottom of the bucket which can then scratch your car’s paintwork.

The grit shield snugly fits at the base of the bucket and ensures a perfect car wash every time.

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1 £7.31
5 £36.43
10 £72.51
25 £180.71
50 £359.70
100 £717.10
240 £1718.29

Product Description

Type: 16 Litre Container with Grit Guard
Capacity: 16 Litres
Brim Full Capacity: 16.2 Litres
Weight: 518g
Colour: Yellow
Material: Polypropylene
Height: 310mm
Width: 260mm

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