500ml White Plastic Food Grade Container with Lid

500ml White Plastic Food Grade Container with Lid

£0.79 inc. VAT

These white pots are made from food-grade Polypropylene (PP).

Semi-disposable pots, safe for the microwave and dishwasher. Push down tamper-evident seals as standard.

500 millilitre containers are perfect for storing powders, pet foods, gels, pastes and creams.

Please note that the prices below include VAT. We also offer discounted prices for orders of higher volumes. These discounts are reflected in the prices below.

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Product Description

  • Type: White pod and lid
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Lid: Push Down, Tamper Evident
  • Top Diameter: 105mm
  • Base Diameter: 95mm
  • Approx Label Height: 52mm
  • Total pot height: 77mm
  • Weight : 0.028
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