Custom Printed Logo Buckets

Custom Printed Logo Buckets

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Using manufacturing techniques which aren't widely available to our competitors we can offer custom printed plastic containers in quantities from 50 upwards.

Whether you are attending a trade show and want something to give out to prospective clients, or you want something recognisable to ship your products in - printing your logo onto a plastic container can help promote your company and boost your brand identity.

We can work in a variety of colours and can source plastic polymers which match your brand colours. All you have to do is send a picture of your logo or message, select the colours, ideally either one or two colour combinations,  which best match your brand identity and we get it printed quickly and cheaply.

Printing is available on buckets 5L upwards, and we are able to print almost anything. Whether you choose to print your logo, your company name or perhaps simple message or graphic – your branded containers will communicate clearly with customers.

Because this is a fully bespoke service we can't offer it online - but one of our production specialists will be happy to talk through your requirements and give you a quote. Minimum order 50 buckets.

Get in touch on 0151 639 0002.

Please note that the prices below include VAT. We also offer discounted prices for orders of higher volumes. These discounts are reflected in the prices below.

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Available in a variety of specifications. A logo or graphic can theoretically be printed on any of our plastic container products 5L and above. This is a fully bespoke service so we can't offer it online but please get in touch if you would like more information. Call: 0151 639 0002.


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