The Spring bank holiday is almost upon us and what better way to spend it that getting back to nature with the ones you love.

The end of May is a fantastic time for a staycation camping holiday. Early forecasts suggest the weekend weather will be good across large parts of the country and, perhaps most mercifully, May is usually early enough to avoid the worst of the midge population – which can be a blight to campers in the early morning and evening.

Camping can be as glamorous or as pared back as you want it to be. Recent demand for more luxury camping has driven improvements to camping equipment and campsites but some people still prefer to get out with just the essentials and experience the great outdoors in a similar way to our earliest forbearers.

Whatever your preference, we have created a little checklist to make sure you do it in the best way possible.


Sturdy tent

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat or camp bed


Stove with fuel and something to light it with

Pots, pans or a mess tin


Bin bags

Midge repellent

Knives and forks


Shower gel and shampoo

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Lightweight towel

First aid kit

Sun cream (hopefully)

Gaffa tape

Toilet paper

Flip flops (trust us)

Plastic fire bucket

Nice to haves

Cool box



Chopping board

Rich coffee

Dish cloth

Washing up bowl

Wooden spoon

Tin opener

Razor and shaving gel

Bottle opener


Spare pegs

Air pump

Re-sealable plastic food pots



Warm jumpers

Underwear and socks

Spare underwear and socks


Your choice of hat


Waterproof clothes

Walking boots

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