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Wet wipe containers - dispensers for all types of wipes

Published: 15th January 2021

Have you discovered the benefits of the right wet wipe container?

When someone mentions wet wipes, you’d be forgiven if your mind automatically jumps to thoughts of new parents looking after a baby and getting their heads around nappy changing. However, today wet wipes have become far more universal, and aren’t just a staple of the changing bag. In truth, wet wipes offer a great way to clean and sanitise in a thorough, yet gentle, way - from removing make up and cleansing the face to removing dirt and grime from general surfaces.

Wet wipes have become so versatile and in most cases are reasonably inexpensive, so now come in a number of guises; the milder versions are perfect for simple personal hygiene, while more industrial versions, often with added cleaning agents, make ensuring surfaces, equipment and working areas clean and sanitised very easy. Wet wipes are now often used within construction and manufacturing industries too, providing a quick and easy way to keep both hands and equipment clean and tidy.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made general cleanliness even more important than ever and wet wipes offer a great way to ensure skin is kept clean and sanitised, especially when halting work to wash hands regularly with water and soap just isn’t practical. Being able to wipe surfaces efficiently with a good cleaning agent can also help give peace of mind for anyone who is having to share space or equipment with others.

Finding the right wet wipe container

What makes using wet wipes even more handy is the way they are stored. H&O Plastics know that having the right kind of wet wipes dispenser can make a real difference to how quickly and easily the wipes themselves can be accessed and used. As well as adding a fool proof way of keeping them from drying out, something which happens all too often if the wipes are left in packets that don’t reseal easily.

Our wet wipe containers come in a range of sizes - making them a great choice for all types of industries. Smaller sizes of the plastic container start from 1L and are perfect for both industrial and domestic uses where space may be an issue. Our larger sizes of container go up to a sturdy 10L size and are ideal for jobs where high usage is likely occur.

All our wet wipe containers, regardless of size, are designed to be accessed easily with one hand - after all, if your hands are dirty you don’t want to be wrestling with a fiddly packet. Just pull the wipe from the top of the container and go.

Our wet wipe dispensers are provided in white and come fitted with a colour coded plastic insert, which not only keeps the wipes from drying out, but can be extremely useful if your situation requires having wipes of differing types available, as the coloured inserts can make them far easier to distinguish. The containers seal ultrasonically, which makes them more hygienic than many other wet wipe containers on the market.

Manufactured here in the UK

H&O Plastics take pride in offering high quality products that are tough and durable, and our selection of wet wipe containers are no different. Manufactured by the team here at our Merseyside factory, all products are thoroughly quality checked before leaving the warehouse. And because our products are produced in the UK, you can rest assured that there won’t be any hidden costs or delivery delays as often encountered when using European suppliers.

Competitive pricing and delivery

We pride ourselves on being very competitively priced and as a manufacturer we can fulfil both large trade orders and smaller orders for businesses or individuals. If you are looking to buy products in large wholesale quantities do ask a member of the team about the great savings that are available. However, we understand that buying in bulk isn’t always needed and are more than happy to provide our wet wipe container range, as well as the majority of our plastic products, in smaller quantities. In this case we can offer as few as two containers per order.

In addition, unlike many of our competitors, we can provide products with an extremely quick turnaround, as deliveries can either be made by courier or via one of our own trucks, depending on the size of the order. Delivery times are generally within 5 working days.

To take a look at the full range of wet wipe containers and find that right product for you, click here.

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