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Heavy duty buckets for building

Published: 08th April 2015

Building supplies have to be tough and durable if they are going to withstand the stresses and strains of modern building sites. Here at H&O we know that builders, electricians, joiners and plumbers love sturdy supplies that can be used time and again.

En obras.Investing in quality the first time round means that you don’t need to be replacing equipment every year and you get to keep a larger share of our profits.

We know that it can be tempting for apprentices to skimp on their first tool kit but any seasoned tradesman knows that long-lasting equipment is an investment worth making.

H&O manufacture and deliver a huge range of heavy-duty plastic containers that are perfect for tradesmen.

Buckets for building sites

Whether it’s storing equipment or transporting heavy supplies between sites – plastic containers have countless potential uses on building sites. They can make mixing on site significantly easier .

We’ve worked with lots of tradesmen who just want a place in their van to store all the odds and ends that appear over the course of a job.

Construction companies also love our heavy-duty plastic jerry cans which they can use to fill up diggers and other plant equipment (without the dicey drive to a petrol station).

Advantage of going direct to the manufacturer

There are hundreds of plastic container suppliers to choose from in the UK. Many of the larger internet companies though, source their plastic containers from cheap suppliers overseas and distribute them in the UK.

These foreign made buckets which travel here from continental Europe and the Far East are cheap but they also tend to break easily, especially in hostile environments like on building sites.

What’s more, large-scale distributors will often require a large minimum order quantity – meaning smaller independent tradesmen cannot take advantage of the best rates.

H&O do things differently

We manufacture and distribute all of our containers from our site in Merseyside. There are no minimum orders and buckets can even be personalised with a range of different colours to choose from.

Most importantly for builders though, H&O plastic containers are the toughest buckets around. We don’t skimp on the raw material so the containers are far more heavy-duty and durable than their imported rivals. They can store bricks, cables and harmful chemicals without breaking a sweat - and they can withstand a good kicking from time to time.

If you are based in the Merseyside area, you can arrange to collect your plastic containers directly from us and avoid delivery charges.

To order from our range of heavy duty buckets (with lids), please call us on 051 639 0002.

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